This week Deutsche Telekom's new campaign kicks off. In a total of twelve markets, it presents the idea of a networked Europe. With, among others, Italian star tenor Andrea Bocelli, it will promote the idea that the network strengthens the ties between countries and people. Its message "Feel connected all over Europe”. Serviceplan Campaign International in Hamburg is responsible for the design and implementation of the campaign.

Hamburg, 14th July 2016 — Last spring the Serviceplan Group was commissioned to design Deutsche Telekom's new European campaign, which starts this week in twelve markets. A 45 seconds long TV commercial, several print and poster motifs and an extensive online and social media communications campaign will roll out in the coming months in Albania, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, promoting the idea of a border free, networked, connected Europe.

"Deutsche Telekom stands for and with Europe. Network technology and digitization are the foundations of border free communication. This is what a border free Europe needs - communication without boundaries," said Deutsche Telekom CEO, Timotheus Höttges. People are the focus of the campaign, they stand with their arms outstretched forming the "T" of the Telekom logo and thus stand for an open, positive attitude towards the interconnectedness of Europe and, of course, for Telekom. "The human 'T' becomes a universal sign of limitless communication. It is understood everywhere and is the essence of the product promise: human closeness, and at the same time the practical accessibility of everything I am interested in, no matter where I am travelling in Europe," explains Serviceplan Chief Creative Director Alexander Schill, about the idea of the campaign.

As a central iconic motif, the pose is consistently displayed, both online and offline, in all the advertising materials - the most famous face being that of Andrea Bocelli, which can be seen in the TV commercials filmed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Dubrovnik and Graz. (directed by Aleksander Bach, production: Stink). The Italian star tenor, who became blind at the age of twelve, takes viewers on a visually stunning journey through a diverse Europe, and explains the meaning and binding force of the network.

About his role as a Telekom ambassador Andrea Bocelli says: "Life is a complex web of relationships with people. The network and new technologies help me to maintain the relationships with those who are important to me. It makes Europe a community and can pull together people closer. What's true for music is also true for the network:  What connects us cannot be seen - but you can feel it.”

Florian Haller, the CEO of the Serviceplan Group, says: "I'm a fan of Europe. We have created a common economic space, which connects many nations and, despite Brexit, is increasingly growing together. Businesses need to think and act more European, and across borders. Deutsche Telekom does that. Therefore, I am personally very pleased that together we were able to implement this campaign, which sets an example for Europe."


In Germany, the commercial will be seen from next weekend on all high-impact commercial broadcasters, such as RTL, Sat.1, Pro7, VOX, n-tv, Kabel 1 and Sky. Nearly a dozen different print ads (Photographer: Andreas Lind) will appear from July 22, and then for the rest of the year in various magazines and newspapers, including Der Spiegel, Stern, Focus, Wirtschaftswoche, Capital, View, Neon, Beef!, Geo, 11 friends, auto motor Sport, Gala, Grazia, Barbara, Brigitte, parents Family, Living At Home and Lufthansa Magazine. Out-of-Home will include a display of giant posters at the airports in Cologne/Bonn, Berlin and Munich. Online will use a banner and four different pre-rolls.

Brand director Hans-Christian Schwingen, and Dr. Christian Hahn, Director of Marketing Communications, Strategy and Media are responsible for the campaign from the Deutsche Telekom side. The design and implementation was carried out by the Hamburg office of the Serviceplan Group: Serviceplan Campaign International has the lead, including strategy, the complete classical campaign and the coordination of creations for other countries.

Last February, the agency was formed as a spin off from Serviceplan International Holding and since grown under its new name in international brand management and transnational campaigns. Serviceplan Campaign International is led by its Managing Directors, Markus Kremer, Thomas Heyen and Florian Klietz. The online advertising and social media activities are in the hands of Plan.Net Hamburg and the team of Managing Directors, Diana Degraa and Christoph Mecke.

Further information on the Telekom European strategy has been compiled on the company's microsite at www.telekom.com/europe.

Voice Over Andrea Bocelli
„It gives me freedom. / Reliably – wherever I am. / It transcends boundaries. / It’s indispensible – and invisible. / It’s the gateway to knowledge and information. / It connects me to the people I love. / It’s like music. Like a language everyone speaks. / A sense of unity. / The network – it’s the present and the future. / You can’t see it. But you can feel it.“


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