Serviceplan China Create TVC for Haier Leader i-Case Product Launch.

Off-the-wall new campaign featuring the new i-Case refrigerator appeals to young generation of consumers


Shanghai, 11 August 2020 — In the first communication since winning the business in November 2019, Serviceplan China have created the an i-Case product launch campaign for Haier Leader, a sub-brand of the Haier Electrical Appliance Group in China.  Following a client brief to launch a new Haier Leader product  – the i-Case Refrigerator - and get the attention of young consumers by appealing to Millenials’ lifestyles and attitudes, Serviceplan China conceived an idea which links the key feature of the product to youthful attitudes – an unconventional love story where a couple break up and their refrigerator reunites them.  

The iCase Refrigerator launch is aimed at young Chinese consumers in the 20-30 demographic. The brand wanted to convey a young and fashion-focussed vibe that fits with the stylish and unique design of the new iCase Refrigerator. The main feature of this new product is that the refrigerator is made up of 2 components, which can be separated into single units, and also can be combined into a double fridge. Serviceplan China created an advert which was shown on Leader’s offical Weibo and Wechat platform as well as local TV channels.

The TVC is infused with humour and attitude and tells the story of a fashionable and unconventional young couple, with added authenticity through the use of a real-life couple rather than professional actors. Showing the unique attitudes of the young generation towards love, whilst emphasising how the Haier Leader product can be integral to their lifestyle. In the TVC directed by Zhou Ning (Production house: Red Horse) a woman is seen packing her suitcase and taking her favourite belongings, which include a gaming console and her half of the i-Case Refrigerator. The cinematic aesthetic of the advert and red and blue palette, complements the contemporary design of the blue toned fridge, while a French soundtrack and post-modern Chinoiserie styling complete the post-modern picture of a tempestuous young couple falling in and out of love.  

Serviceplan China CCO Chong Kin commented: “We always say ‘if you don't have a unique selling point, be the first.’ But what if we have? Our TVC idea perfectly illustrates the USP in an interesting way with an insightful young Chinese story. It's a wonderful execution for product demonstration.”



Group Creative Officer: Kan WingHo

Associate Creative Director: Wang Yifan

Art Director: Jason Liu & Charlie Wang

Copy: Lisa Liu & Mao Shanshan

Planning Director: Moritz Sanner

Business Director : Erin Lee

Associate Account Director: Schneider Shi

Senior Account Executive: Elena Liu

Production House: Red Horse

Director: Zhou Ning

Stylist: June Jiang

Composer: Smile Studio

Press contact

Lee Sharrock

International Communications Officer

Serviceplan Group

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