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Verband Austria Solar
The Solar Report

The Idea

Solar energy is nowadays being perceived as an established technology. Therefore, we developed an annual report for Austria Solar, which surprisingly reflects the union’s business segment, while at the same time portraying it as a forward-looking institution.
To visualize the innovative power of the association, we used the power of the sun. With environmentally friendly, photochromic colors, we printed a report whose pages only become readable under sunlight.
Apart from to the association’s members, we sent out the world’s first solar-powered Annual Report to opinion leaders from politics and economy.

Besides the great success at award shows, the report was met with great response by the specialized press, at fairs and online. We received requests from all over the world, e.g. Ernst & Young, the Office of the Austrian Federal Chancellor, the TEDx Chicago and  Greenpeace.


Verband Austria Solar

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Team Business Development

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