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FENDI Orchidea Race Campaign

Case Description

In 2015, Fendi celebrated the Orchidea Sunglasses Collection presenting the new video ‘Bad Dream’ featuring British singer and songwriter Chlöe Howl. As the sunglass products are in lower attention category, Serviceplan was asked to convert a traditional product campaign materials into an attention-getter online with minimized media input.

For the first time in China Market for Fendi, we created fun and engaging html5 game on WeChat. We leveraged global assets and the functionalities of the most popular social platform, producing an attractive interaction that allows audience to enjoy and proactively generate organic spread. 

This game begins with a beauty shot of Chlöe asleep on the backseat of a taxicab. The user, in the front sit of the car can follow her dream and drive through different worlds reflected on the car and across the surface of her Fendi Orchidea Sunglasses.

Promotional activities were executed on both Fendi official Weibo and WeChat accounts. KOL accounts were also used to maximize the impact of this campaign on social platforms.

It’s the first time that a luxury fashion brand presented a race game on social media where participants can experience and interact in the digital platform. The campaign brought the brand closer to consumers in a vivid and interesting manner. 



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