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METRO C&C 2015 Quality & Food Safety Campaign

Case Description

METRO is the industry leader in food safety and quality in China, a country too often struck by food scandals. In 2015 our goal was to highlight METRO’s food safety leadership by showcasing exactly how and why they are superior to their competitors.

However the process implemented to achieve unmatched food quality and safety is heavily technical. So, how could we showcase this expertise and superiority in an appealing and engaging way? 

We invited four customers to share their own stories about how METRO helps them constantly forge greater business success. We created a strong emotional link by transforming this content into inspiring stories.

Each story was strategically linked to a specific aspect of METRO’s quality and safety standards: Supplier selection, Product traceability, Cold-chain and Store hygiene.

With the traffic generated from our communication plan connecting offline to online, our four customers quickly turned into Key Opinion Leaders.

Digital being central to China’s media landscape, we placed a strong emphasis on online tools and created an interactive experience. As users progressed through METRO’s digital world, they could virtually meet our KOLs and explore the content of our campaign. 




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Jan-Philipp Jahn

Jan-Philipp Jahn
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