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WMF NATURamic, keep the natural taste

Case Description

WMF, a well-known German cookware brand, faces a good challenge in China – low brand awareness and small market share in comparison to its inferior competitors in Europe. To bring this brand alive in China, WMF has to find it’s unique positioning in the field of cookware and tell a special story to the big potential market.

After research, it is decided that the most easily intrigued target group would be young moms who will buy into the concept of “healthy cooking”. To claim the unique territory of healthy cookware, WMF introduces its brand with the star product line – NATURamic. Everything has to be created and developed from the ground up.

To illustrate the brand positioning and product characteristics, we developed the campaign for NATURamic line – Keep the natural taste. It tells the story of a new generation of cookware material, made from natural materials and combined advantages of both ceramic and steel, keeps the original taste of the natural fresh food. When you taste, smell the food out of this cookware, it’s as if the feeling has brought you back into nature.

Keeping it original, keeping it natural. 




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