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The All New BMW 5 Series Launch Campaign: “TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE”

Case Description

We set off to target the young and progressive. They have clear goals in mind and strive to achieve more in life. In fact, their current achievements are never enough, they simply use those as stepping stones. They also believe in enjoying the moment, both through a sense of accomplishment and comfort & quality of life. Both at work and in life. But more importantly, they need a car with luxury and a dynamic image that fits their multi-purpose lifestyle.

On this thought, we created the “TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE” campaign. We wanted to catch the attention of these urban elites with a loud and clear message: “This is the best time to be alive. This golden age of your life. There are so many opportunities out there, but they won’t wait for you. Seize them and put time on your side because new opportunities will arise every second.” We built upon the existing strengths of BMW to show the BMW 5 Series’ unique DNA, its fascinating driving and dynamic styling, its cutting-edge connectivity and human-centric technology, and the deep bond between the car and the customer.

We invited a group of urban elite who are current 5 Series owners to unveil the all-new model. Using black-and-white photography coupled with their very own manifesto, these elites gave the campaign some real attitude and vitality. We launched a high-octane TV commercial that embodies the urgency of time, together with and vibrant product ads in magazines, television and online to strengthen the “dynamic/progressive” image and arouse the sympathetic response of the target audience.

At the same time, we advertised on the LANDSPOT LED Mega-screen in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities. As for other channels, we leverage state-of-art ‘connectivity’ features to increase talkability and attraction to enhance reputation and manifest leadership. 

The “TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE” campaign maximised the market awareness for the all-new BMW 5 Series, and enhanced its emotional bonding with Chinese customers, both emotionally and rationally.




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