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Lotus, the British handmade sports car brand, always stands for the pure thrilling driving pleasure, which somehow makes it hard to find the balance between driving and responsible driving. As a new brand entering China, Lotus wants to take an advantage of Chinese New Year Festival period to make more conversations and interactions with their target group by calling for „Don’t Drink and drive”.


You may already know that during the spring festival, drinking alcohol is a very important part for family gatherings in Chinses culture, but on the other hand any elements of advertisements implying alcohol is restricted in any visual form.


Drinking alcohol can make you drunk, which is associated with some effects such as vision problems and poor attention. Hence, we used overlapping cars to show that alcohol would possibly makes you unable to estimate the right distance and position while driving. Furthermore, we crafted wrong sentences with subtle misplaced characters in Chinses, to let customer realized that even if you see the mistake, you may not notice it, and you thought it’s not a big deal, especially after drinking.


We chose three different angles of the car to show the danger due to wrong distance, over-speed and position. It successfully created over 50,000+ discussions and gained the Most-viewed on social media, even helped increasing traffic on its e-commerce platform and brand recognition.