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Lynk & Co is a brand of Geely automobile. Surrounded by a number of foreign car brands, Lynk was eager to draw consumer’s attention to their brand-new car model 03+ and to make it resonate with their target audience by the fascinating concept to further influence their preference for domestic automotive brand, which is matching their mindset, built in their home country and fulfill all their desire.


The Golden Assassin, which the car 03+ was named after by using a typical Chinese image associated with Speed & Passionate. With such a vibrant character, we chose Nanami Sakuraba, a Japanese famous female driver-actor, to interpret this role. In the video Nanami and a virtual assassin went into a thrilling chase as a secret mission, you will not only feel product features and brand character, but also catch a glimpse of their golden limited-edition. The last plot of the Golden Assassin is incarnated on 03+ as the “+” signal sealed the car in order to build product awareness and recognition.


What we have accomplished:

- 10,000+ sales lead after 03+ product launch.

- 303 cars were sold out in 2.5 seconds from website sales on 03/08/2019

- Over 100,000+ discussion in social media.

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